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I was born in a small village in Hải Dương Province, in Northern Vietnam, and moved to Hanoi where I studied to be a teacher, while singing at night. My singing of “La Vie en Rose” won a French contest which sent me to Paris, a place I never thought I would go, but I was there, and I knew then that I can reach my dreams if I dedicated my whole soul to them, so on a whim, I left everything behind and moved to Saigon to follow my passion.

From small bars and clubs I found myself on the largest stages in the country, gaining national attention as a semi-finalist on the first season of The Voice Vietnam (2012) where people said I blew across the stage like a wild wind, my French songs a gust of fresh Bohemian air; but for me, I was just a little girl running in my hometown fields, my naked feet rushing through the tall grasses, fingers strumming my hair like guitar strings, birds fluttering above my head. In the bright stage lights, I was those birds.

My whole life, I’ve dreamt of flying around the world before I die. Since appearing on The Voice, I’ve performed in France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA, Russia, Japan …

Music feeds and saved my soul. I want to use it to touch everyone, everywhere I go.

I believe music builds love. Love builds the world. When we love music, we love each other.

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